John Crestani’s Internet Jetset Review & Bonus Offer

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[su_highlight background=”#fdff99″]UPDATE: Internet Jetset has been discontinued and replaced with the New & Advanced Course named Super Affiliate System 3.0. However, I managed to get a secret backdoor link, where you can still register to learn affiliate marketing basics. Hurry Up, because I don’t know when John Crestani changes his mind and shut down this special FREE Training Link. [/su_highlight]

I have written this comprehensive Internet Jetset Review so that the reader can understand what kind of content Internet Jetset Training Program offers, and how it may be beneficial to you.  I hope you will found this review informative and helpful.

What is Internet Jetset?

Internet Jetset is a simple affiliate marketing program that teaches you the fundamentals on how to start your own online business through affiliate marketing.

These training programs are mostly headed by John Crestani, the founder of these programs. His lessons consist of real-life experiences, how-to tutorials, setting up a website, increasing traffic, and lastly, earning a sizable profit.

It’s a program that isn’t aimed at any demographic in particular. It’s accessible to everyone, especially for newcomers in the industry. On the other hand, John also offers another program that is very much advanced than Internet Jetset. This program is called “Super Affiliate System.”

Who is John Crestani?

John Crestani Internet JetsetLike most influential marketers on the planet, John Crestani’s success story is not that new in the industry. A majority of online business owners most likely left their corporate jobs to pursue an online marketing career. And that’s exactly how John started his journey to become a successful internet marketer. 

He’s the founder of Internet Jetset as well as Super Affiliate System; both under the popular “Make Money Online” niche. Throughout his career, he became an expert in the field of advertisement and formed partnerships with a lot of online businesses. He knew his way around Facebook ads, Google Adwords, YouTube, and other forms of online advertisements. His continuous rise started when he decided to start an online health supplement business. And now, he became the CEO of his company called Nutryst.

If you’re interested in taking Internet Jetset, be prepared since he’ll be teaching you the ropes himself. Which means, for you, he might come off as a con artist due to his big personality unlike other personalities in the industry. That’s basically all you should know about the course creator. Now, onto the course modules of Internet Jetset.

What will you Learn Inside Internet Jetset Membership Area?

All in all, Internet Jetset lasts for 12 weeks. Which means there are a lot of topics covered every single day. Under the Internet Jetset Membership Area, you will get the following products:

Internet Jetset Membership Area

  • The Online Business Blueprint: This includes the basics of affiliate marketing like how to gain traffic and automate your business.
  • Introduction to the Internet Jetset: An introduction on what to expect in the whole duration of the course and what mindset you should have in order to succeed.
  • Choosing your Niche: It’s basically finding the right niche for you and try to look for affiliate products within the chosen niche.
  • Google: It’s a lesson on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Google.
  •  YouTube: This module is an elaborate guide on the basics of YouTube marketing and how to gain traffic for free.
  • Facebook: You’ll learn how to promote your affiliate products on Facebook for free.
  • Your Website: This one is dedicated to how to set up your own website using WordPress.
  • Copywriting Basics: You’ll learn how to write a captivating sales copy to increase conversion rate.
  • Launch Jacking: You’ll learn this technique on how to take advantage of the upcoming traffic due to a brand-new product launch.
  • Authority Review Sites: Learn how to become an authority on a certain niche and make a profit.
  • Facebook Ads for Affiliates: You’ll learn the ropes of setting up a Facebook ad campaign for your affiliates.
  • The 12-Week Super Affiliate System: This module is basically a sales pitch to encourage subscribers to avail for another course, namely the Super Affiliate System.

These are what you should expect the moment you avail the Internet Jetset course. Each week provides a specific topic for you to understand and take note of when starting an online business.

Take note that most of these modules aren’t taught by John himself which seems quite odd if I say so myself. Of course, the course isn’t limited to the outline shown above.

What are the other benefits?

Aside from the modules presented above, there are actually a few other bonuses included in the package. These are:

  • Support PortalUnder the support portal, you will get awesome customer support.
  • Internet Jetset ForumIn this forum, you can communicate and connect with fellow aspiring marketers who have also availed the program. This also paves the way for future partnerships which can double your chances of becoming successful.

How Much John Crestani’s Internet Jetset Cost?

Internet Jetset Cost you $47/month. Although $47 might seem okay for starters, there are still hidden fees or upsells included in the program. In fact, the 12th module is literally a sales pitch to entice you to buy another program named Super Affiliate System which costs $997

What are the OneTime & Upsell Offers?

 As of now, there are two upsells currently found throughout the Internet Jetset course: Xtreme Case Study Archive and Super Affiliate System.

  • Jetset Xtreme Case StudyThis is a collection of interesting interviews of top internet marketers. It is an upgrade offer that costs $187 (one-time). Despite its usefulness in providing valuable information about the industry, it’s still quite expensive for just a collection of interviews. I strongly advise not buying this one since it isn’t really necessary. In fact, you can access a lot of this information through intensive research alone—it’s much more practical than spending a huge amount.
  • Super Affiliate System: The second one has been mentioned quite a lot in this review, it’s none other than Super Affiliate System. It is basically an advanced version of Internet Jetset. Some might say it’s actually just the continuation of the course, which is evident in the build-up from free to paid traffic-driving methods during the last couple of modules. The topics covered in this course revolves on three skills are Research, Data Analysis, And Copywriting. This program has a span of six weeks with a collection of almost 50+ hours of video training. Also, during this training, John provides valuable information and resources like top recommended affiliate networks, necessary data, and the likes.

PROS and CONS of Internet Jetset

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  • Informative Training: John Crestani provides very informative training whereas those who applied for the course can definitely be properly equipped after the course. Aside from that, this program is initially aimed at those who are new to internet marketing. It goes from point to point until every information is properly laid out for the beginners. Not only that, but John also included a lesson on what mindset you should have in pursuing this type of career. Unlike most motivational speakers, his advice will give a lasting influence throughout your career. 
  • Awesome Support: If you’re a paid member of IM Jetset then, you automatically have access to three support systems that can help you with anything you need. These are Forum, Support Portal, and Official Facebook Group. The best thing is that you not only will your questions get answered, but you may also gain a few friends within the community that can help you start your own online business.
  • Legitimate Person: Despite facing a lot of criticisms online like being tagged as an elaborate scammer, John Crestani still delivers good results from his programs. His mindset and intentions are undoubtedly true and in the right place. Rather than lashing out on his critics, he instead takes all these feedbacks and does his best to improve upon his shortcomings as in his programs. This is one of the defining characteristics that led him to be one of the most successful online marketers out there. From getting fired at his corporate job up to earning a six-figure income per month. It’s obvious that he knows what he’s talking about. 


  • Too many upsell: It is common for online businesses to have a few upsells that customers may want to avail. But too many upsells may cause potential subscribers to feel like they’re being sucked in by an elaborate scam that will take a toll on their wallets—which is highly detrimental to an online business. In John’s programs, there are upsells that are found throughout the duration of the training. In fact, there are even hidden upsells that is suddenly mentioned in the training. This, in turn, can be quite annoying since you might think that you don’t have to avail for anything after subscribing.
  • Hidden Cost: Aside from hidden upsells, John doesn’t mention upfront the hidden costs that you need to invest in purchasing some tools in order to become successful. You actually need to invest at least a thousand dollars on paid advertisements to actually earn a profit and get good results. Another thing is, investing a huge amount of money doesn’t necessarily guarantee an immediate profit. Sometimes, you might not even earn a single penny even though you spent a few hundred dollars on hosting sites and paid ads.
  • Outdated Content: It is mentioned above that he improves his courses most of the time. Sadly, that’s not always the case for some of his content.


Is Internet Jetset a scam?

Absolutely NOT. Why? Because John Crestani stayed true to what he promised to discuss under Internet Jetset. It may seem like a scam due to the hidden fees and expensive upsells that you can find.

His intentions are good and clearly wants to help beginners to have a fresh start in the field of online marketing. The mindset training is great and most of his content delivers exceptionally well. As mentioned before, the only thing that gives this negative impression about his products is because of his upsells and hidden fees. And that’s all there is to it.

Conclusion: Should you Buy Internet Jetset or Not?

This one is a really hard decision to make, and I’m torn between recommending it or not.

As John Crestani promised something and he delivers it quite well. He offered a lot of tools, pdf guides, and extremely useful resources that will help jumpstart your online career. But the downside is, he did not inform his members about the investment needed to actually earn their first profit. In my opinion, he should have mentioned everything right from the start to avoid misunderstandings and impending disappointments. Plus, his product packages are quite confusing. If you avail Internet Jetset, you still have to avail for the Super Affiliate System that costs $997. On the other hand, if you purchased the latter right off the bat, you automatically get Internet Jetset for free. It’s a bit weird and seems like he’s ditching Internet Jetset and focusing on Super Affiliate System.

Now, going back to the main question. Do I recommend it? Yes. I highly recommend Internet Jetset Training Program, as it will give you a head-start on what niche you want your business to be. So, if you’re still thinking about subscribing to this course, give it a shot! Surely you’ll learn a lot of useful information on affiliate marketing.

Recently, John Crestani has decided to replace the Internet Jetset System with the Super Affiliate System (SAS), which is almost the same as Internet Jetset on so many aspects. The only thing separating these two is on how advanced Super Affiliate System is compared to Internet Jetset—which only offers the basics. To understand more about their differences, let’s look at it this way that Internet Jetset focuses more on earning high traffic without spending on tools that drive traffic. While, Super Affiliate System, focuses on paid traffic-driving methods. Click Here to read my Super Affiliate System Review.

[su_highlight background=”#fdff99″]UPDATE: The registration for the free training is closing soon, but I managed to get a secret backdoor link, where you can still register to learn affiliate marketing basics. Hurry Up, because I don’t know when John Crestani changes his mind and shut down this special FREE Training Link. [/su_highlight]


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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[su_spoiler title=”How I can become an Internet Jetset Affiliate?“]
You can Join the Internet Jetset Affiliate Program totally free of cost, by clicking here[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Where to Contact John Crestani Customer Support Team?“]
You can visit this link to contact their support team executives.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”How to Cancel Internet Jetset Subscription?“]
You can anytime cancel Internet Jetset Subscription by visiting Clickbank Support Portal.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”May I Know the Internet Jetset Refund Policy?“]
The default return period for products sold through ClickBank is 60 days, so you can try the product, & if due to any reasons, it doesn’t meet the requirement, then you can submit your Internet Jetset refund request by clicking here. [/su_spoiler]

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